How Are Blue Jeans Made & Dyed?

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Blue jeans are made and dyed in a process that begins with raw cotton. Find out about how blue jeans are made and dyed with help from a freelance artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm Aaron Tucker and this is how are blue jeans made and dyed. The process of making and dying blue jeans is just as cool as blue jeans themselves. First you start with raw cotton. The cotton is picked, the cotton is cleaned, the cotton is washed. The cotton then is combined with other materials to create a thread. These threads are all created together in a weft and a welt thread. That's the denim that you see, well what makes jeans jeans, that white thread and that dyed thread but before these threads are mixed together, the denim is dyed into the indigo first. Once the process of the dying starts, the indigo is so deep into the material then the next thread is combined which creates the look of jeans. From there you get stacks of about 100 sheets which is crazy if you think about it because these 100 sheets create about 100 pairs of denim. The pattern is cut out, the pieces are combined, you get your pockets added, your buttons, your zippers, your rivets, everything, then depending on exactly what's done to the denim, if there's any extra treatments caused, everything is done in the factory and then they are shipped to you and put on these sales floors.


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