How to De-Static Jeans Fast

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Removing static from jeans fast will also require you to use preventative measures. Find out how to de-static jeans fast with help from a freelance artist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

I'm Aaron Tucker, and this is how to de-static jeans fast. If you want to keep your jeans from getting a lot of static in them, first use preventative measures. Don't dry your jeans on a very high temperature and try and dry your jeans only with other natural fibers. Synthetic fibers tend to conduct and hold that static electricity which will transfer to your other objects. But if you are wearing the jeans and you want to de-static them, you can either dampen your hands and run your wet hands over your jeans. This will take away some of the static. If you have a dryer sheet available, you can also rub a dryer sheet over your jeans. This will definitely take out the static. I don't really recommend this, because the dryer sheets will leave like a waxy coating over your denim that you don't really want, but if you are somewhere that you can take your pants off and do it from the inside out, by all means. But if you are on the go, just grab a regular dryer sheet and rub them over your pants. Do it all in the same motion so then that way you can decrease the chances of having any lint transfer from the dryer sheets and also cutting down on that waxy residue that will be left.


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