The Best One Piece of Exercise Equipment for Home Use

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The best piece of exercise equipment for home use is the BOSU ball. It's a versatile piece of equipment that allows for a variety of exercises without taking up too much room. Learn all about the BOSU ball for the best at home exercise with tips from a fitness expert in this free online video.

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Hey, everyone. This is Jacques Laventure and I'm gonna talk about the best one piece of equipment you can use for home. I love using the half BOSU Ball because of the versatility of the exercise equipment. You can place the half BOSU Ball in the ground, get some planks in, the core is engaged the whole entire time, it forces the body to reply to the stimulus of the hole appropriate receptors environment and today I'm gonna demonstrate a few exercises that you can do at home with the half BOSU Ball. So we're gonna start by having our feet a little bit outside of shoulder width and then we're gonna go down and explode a little bit up concentrating on the chest, core engaged the whole entire time. The reason why I love the half BOSU Ball is that you can get some stability training really important if you're just now starting out. The next exercise is one of my favorite abdominal exercises is the weighted negative crunch and what it is you're gonna do as a crunch and you're gonna go about half way through and really contract the abdominals but with the weights negative so you're not gonna use the momentum you're gonna squeeze the abdominal and so what you're gonna do is you're gonna position the weight behind your head and what you're gonna do is you're not gonna go all the way up with the weight you don't want to see that. What I really want you to do is keeping the core engaged the hole entire weight comes slightly above the middle of your head. Really important when you do the crunch that you're abdominal is contracted the hole entire time to get the maximum results.


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