How to Glue Feathers on a Shirt

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Gluing feathers on a shirt is a process that will require a few key tools, like fabric glue. Find out how to glue feathers on a shirt with help from in the communications and fashion Industry for over a decade in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Kristie Prince Hale, and today we're going to talk about how to glue feathers on to a shirt. If you check out your local craft stores, they now sell feathers on a string which is fantastic because it makes it much easier to add a bunch of feathers to a shirt without having to do them individually. So let's take a look at how this works. So we've got our shirt here and we can see we've added some feathers right here on to the side and we've just used that string to kind of attach it to the shirt. And I'm using fabric glue. This is a liquid stitch. It's non toxic and you can machine wash and dry after you use this. However with the feathers they will probably come off so you want to turn the shirt inside out probably put it in a pillow case if you wash it. But beware you may still lose feathers. So we're going to take our liquid stitch and we're going to simply put a nice line right up top. And there we go. It squeezes out really nicely. And then we're going to take I'm doubling it up this time so we get a nice bunch of feathers. And I like to hold it on both sides and then just lay it down and just pat it down. Now sometimes you'll have to go back and reinforce and add a little bit more glue but it works really well. And you can kind of come up with whatever design works well for you. And if you're working with a loose feather, that's OK you can still use the fabric glue. So we're just going to take and add a little fabric glue up here. And then going to take the end of the feather, which it's so hard to see they're so fluffy, and stick it right in there and voila the feather will stay. So make sure it dries all the way and I know you'll come up with some great ideas on how to make your feathers look really cool. Thanks for joining me I'm Kristie Prince Hale.


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