How to Find an Equation for a Line Using Matrices

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Finding an equation for a line using matrices is something that you can do by working backwards. Find an equation for a line using matrices with help from an experienced math professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Drew Moyer and this is how to find the equation for a line using matrices. Since lines are often written in matrix form, that means that we can work backwards given a matrix to find the equation of a line. So our matrix is here and I know that these values must correspond to a line in standard form and actually this matrix corresponds to two separate lines because there are two rows. So I know that this 3 must be my A term which means it corresponds to X. So I have 3X and this 1 must correspond to a Y value which means it's 1Y or just Y. And then over here on my right side I would have my C value which for the first equation is going to be 5. So there's my first line, 3X plus Y equals 5 and again it's in standard form and now let's do our second equation which again this 2 is going to correspond to our A term so it's going to be 2X. This negative 1 corresponds to our B term or our Y term and again I don't have to write the 1 so I can just say plus negative Y and it's going to be equal to 0 which is our C term for our second line. So now we have for our second line, 2X plus negative Y or just minus Y equals 0. I'm Drew Moyer and this is how to find the equation of a line using matrices.


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