How to Find the Increased Percentage of a Value

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Finding the increased percentage of a value is something that you can do using multiplication and division. Find the increased percentage of a value with help from an experienced math professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Drew Moyer and this is how to find an increased percentage of a value. Let's suppose that I'm a store manager and that I have a shirt on sale for 60 dollars. But after a couple of days I decided that's not enough money and I want to increase the price to 75 dollars. And now I want to know what is the percentage of the increase. The first thing I want to do is find out the actual dollar amount of the increase which I can get simply by subtracting 60 from 75. And that would give me 15. The next thing I want to do is put that into a fraction over the original amount so that I can find out what fraction apart the raise took of the original amount. So the original amount was 60. So my fraction is 15 over 60. The next step would simply be to reduce the fraction to its lowest terms by dividing by the common factor. And the greatest common factor that 15 and 60 have is 15. So we'll divide both by 15 and that will get 1 over 4. And finally now that I have the fraction in its lowest terms the next thing that I want to do is put that in a fraction over 100 because percent means over 100. So if I have a fraction over 100 I can go right to the percent from there. So I take 1/4th and I want to know what fraction that is over 100. Well since I multiply 4 by 25 to get to 100 that means I need to do the same thing on top. So I multiply 25 by 1 and I get 25. So my fraction is 25 over 100 and once I'm there I can turn around and say 25 percent. So the percentage increase of this shirt was 25 percent. I'm Drew Moyer and that is how to find an increased percentage of a value.


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