A Tutorial for Algebra 2 Logarithms

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A tutorial for algebra 2 logarithms should always look at how similar they are to exponents. Get a tutorial for algebra 2 logarithms with help from a professional private tutor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rachel. And today, we're going to be going over a tutorial for algebra two logarithms. So, the the basics for a log, right, let's say, we have log two of eight. The base is two. Basically it's very similar to exponents, right, we're thinking well, how many times we have to multiply two together to get eight? If we have two times two times two, right, that's four times two is eight. There's three twos, right. Just like ow two to the third equals eight, the answer of this problem, log base two of eight is going to be three. It's also good to know that if you have a log of anything without a base written. Like, log of 600, that's a standard log where we just assume that this number here is 10. So that just means log base 10. There's natural logs, right, which look like this, LN of you know, some number. And that's actually where there's an E here, right. But we don't need to write the E, we just write it LN. There's also a few different properties that are good to know. It's good to know that log of X divided by Y equals equals log of X minus log of Y. Log X times Y is log of X plus log of Y. And log of X to the Y equals Y log X. So, you just bring it in front as a coefficient. Those are properties, they're all very similar to exponents, if you know your exponent properties, that are just good to memorize. I'm Rachel and thanks for learning with us today.


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