How to Teach Students to Figure the Gratuity at a Restaurant

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Teaching students to figure the gratuity at the restaurant will require you to work closely with decimals. Teach students to figure out the gratuity at the restaurant with help from a professional private tutor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rachel, and today we're going to be going over how to teach students to figure out the gratuity at a restaurant. So I like to give them a fun example. Maybe they've gone out with their brother, their sister, their best friend to lunch and you can give them something fun to order like hamburgers or whatever. And let's say they spent 24 dollars. So I show them have them write out how much they spent, and then have them learn how to take ten percent. Now we move the decimal point over one place. That's how we take ten percent. It's very easy. So we get 2.4. Now ten percent is a bit too low for a tip. We want to go between the range of 20 percent let's say for a really good tip, good service to 15 percent for not so great service. So let's look at the 20 percent first. Let's say they had a great waitress or waiter and they want to give a good tip. So we have the ten percent, well to find 20 percent we just double it. Ten percent plus ten percent is 20 percent. So for the 20 percent we do 2.4 plus 2.4 and we get 4.8. Then we just add that back to 24. 24 plus 4.8 have them line it up so they don't make any mistakes. That's very important and then we end up getting 28 dollars. So that's a great way to have them add up to 20 percent. Now let's say they want to give a 15 percent tip. Maybe the service wasn't so great but not horrible. So again they take ten percent, they got the 2.4 and then they just cut that in half and add that on. So what's one half of 2.4? Well that's 1.2. They add those two numbers up, make sure again they have the proper alignment. You get 3.6. Again you just add that to 24. Make sure they line it up. And they get 27.60 and that would be a 15 percent tip. I'm Rachel and thanks for learning with us today.


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