What Speeds Up Condensation?

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A large number of factors speed up condensation, including temperature. Find out what speeds up condensation with help from an experienced chemistry professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Robin Higgins, and this is, what speeds up condensation? So, let's just remind ourselves what condensation is. Condensation is the movement of something from the gas for, now this is the best that I can draw a gas, to the liquid form. And so the most common example of this we see is usually if you have a cold beverage, you put it down, you're gonna see water droplets on the outside of that beverage. And those water droplets, put our beverage here, actually came from the outside gas. So, there was gas water vapor floating around, and they found our glass, and then they condensated on the edge of it. And so, what speeds up this process? Well, remember that, to move from a gas to a liquid, it needs to be a colder temperature, right? So if you have something that's a colder temperature, then it will make more condensation faster. And so that's pretty much the example we see here on earth in our everyday lives is just something colder, more condensation. However, just a fun chemistry fact, you could also, to get the same effect, increase the pressure. So if you had this whole system in some kind of pressurized box, and you increase the pressure, then that would have the same effect, because gas would prefer to take up a smaller volume if the pressure increases. So, temperature down, or, pressure up, both are going to speed up condensation. And I'm Robin Higgins, and this has been, what are ways to speed up condensation.


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