The General Equation for an Acid-Base Reaction Looks Like What?

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The general equation for an acid-base reaction will use the same general formula from one to the next. Find out about the general equation for an acid-base reaction and what it looks like with help from an experienced chemistry professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Robin Higgins, and this is the general equation for an acid base reaction, looks like what? OK. So acid base reactions usually have the same general formula. So we have our acid at first and it has an extra proton here and we just have A for general acid and it will in solution disassociate into A minus and H plus. And so our general reaction for bases is that we have BOH general base and then our OH our hydroxide here and it will disassociate in solution to B plus, plus OH minus. And so this is our reaction broken up. So when we put these two together it actually turns our to be HA plus BOH, is going to disassociate and it's going to form water plus a base disassociates and we have our acid here. And so this is the general equation for an acid base reaction. We have our acid, our base, they react together to quench and form water, thus becoming neutral instead of charged like in these two reactions, and then you have your spectator ions, the base and the acid just hanging out. And I'm Robin Higgins and this has been the general equation for an acid base looks like what?


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