How to Put on a Clip-In Extension so It Can Last One Week

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Putting on a clip-in extension so it can last one week is something that you can do with a rat tail comb and a few other basic tools. Put on a clip-in extension so it can last one week with help from an experienced hair stylist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Ashley Blanton. And today, we're going to learn how to put in clip-in extensions so that they last one week. So, clip-ins are great, they allow you change form one to another. You're able to change colors, texture, styles. But they don't always stay in very well, especially if you're busy or very active. So, there's a few tricks to that, and I'm going to show you how to do that today. And let's get started. You'll need the following to make your extensions last one week. Rat tail comb for a clean part, you'll need micro beads, I like the ones with silicone lining and you need a threader to hold your micro beads. As well as an extension plier to close your micro beads. So, the model here is already parted, you're going to make sure your sections are neat. Also, the first thing you want to do, is you want to basically size your sections of hair. We're going to do an inch clip. So it's just going to be about an inch. If it were a wider piece, you would have one section for the first clip on the first edge and another section for the second clip on the back edge. But for this, it's just an inch. So, we're going to take about a quarter thickness part or section. Alright, we have the hair that we need. We're going to use our threader, you can also use a crochet hook. And you're going to hold the hair taut and you're going to pull the hair through. Now, if it's a little bit hard to pull the hair through, you might need a bigger micro bead. It's better to get a bigger or a larger micro bead, than it is to make a smaller parting. You want enough hair supporting the weight of the extension. From here, we're just going to squeeze it once slightly, you don't want it too tight. Because you want to be able to remove it later, active week is over. Alright, your clip is open, you put the open teeth into the base that you made. You press down firmly until you hear it snap close. And now, that's all. And you can dance, bike, run, hike, whatever you want. These six inches will stay in really securely.


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