How to Clip Extensions Into Tiny Ponytails

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Clipping extensions into tiny ponytails are something that you can do to change your color on the fly. Clip extensions into tiny ponytails with help from an experienced hair stylist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Ashley Blanton. And today, we're going to learn how to clip extensions onto tiny ponytails. Now, clip-ins are great, you're able to change your look on the fly, change your color. Change anything you want without committing to permanent extensions. Now, if you're dancing, your'e hiking, you're seating, you're biking, you don't want your clip-ins to fall out. So, how do you secure your extensions, so that you feel comfortable in your day to day. You're going to use tiny ponytails of your own natural hair as a base for your clip-ins. And I'm going to show you how to do that today. So, let's started. So, what your'e going to need is really simple, just a rat tail comb to make clean parts, a clip to keep the hair out of the way and of course, rubber bands to make your ponytails with. O.k., so, first thing is, you're going to make a clean part, you're going to clip the hair out of the way. And then, you're going to measure basically where you want your clip to be. So, this is an extension, this is a small one, it's about an inch. So, we want to find, we want to put it maybe in this area. And we're going to kind of use the clip-in to kind of, for a guide. So we know about how much hair to section off. I'm going to take, hold the hair taut, rubber band it. Don't go too, too tight, but you don't want it so loose that it does, that it slips out easily, o.k. The objective here is to get tension on the scalp, so that the clip-in has something to hold onto. o.k., so now that that's there, your clip is open and you want to just press. And it should feel pretty, pretty secure on the head, o.k. If it doesn't feel secure, tighten the rubber band.


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