Roasted Asparagus & Artichokes With Lemon Butter

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Roasted asparagus and artichokes with lemon butter have more flavor than these types of recipes traditionally do. Make roasted asparagus and artichokes with lemon butter with help from an experienced culinary professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Maria Vieages. It is time to make pan roasted artichokes and asparagus with lemon butter. A lot of people would do this in the oven but I'm going to show you a whole different way of doing it. I think it brings out a lot more flavor. And it's more fun. It's just a lot more fun doing it this way. Okay so what we want to do is we have the skillet, we have the heat on high. We have the skillet ready to go. And then we have this much butter that we are going to put in the skillet. See it's already starting to smoke. That's a really, really good sign. Okay you are going to start putting your asparagus in the skillet. And you want to keep your fire on high. You hear that? That's a good sound. That's what you want to do. You want to get the asparagus keep them one side down for a few minutes. And you want to get them a little brown. So this is about 20 seconds or so and you see how thin these asparagus are. They are going to cook quick and they are going to continue to cook after you take them out of the skillet. So you don't want to overcook asparagus. You want them to be crunchy. And see how they turn, they're bright green? That's exactly what you want them to look like. So you just flip them all over and we are going to go probably another 20 seconds or so. Okay here we go with the lemon. I'm putting my hand over it just to catch any seeds. Then we are going to hit it with a little salt. And we are going to do just a little bit of black pepper. And then we are going to remove them from the skillet. And artichokes and lemon go really, really well together extremely well. And here's a little juice from the artichokes. And you just want to do that and you let them sit for a few minutes. Then you take a little more salt. Take a little more black pepper. And then lets take another half of a lemon. Then we are going to take a little fresh thyme. And you just run your fingers right along the branch. And you pull all the leaves off. We are going to let them sit and pan roast in the butter and lemon for probably about two minutes or so until they get, they start getting brown like this. And then I'll show you what else we are going to do. So what I did was I cut some basil ribbons, fresh basil. And you just kind of sprinkle that on top. This is pan roasted asparagus and artichoke hearts.


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