How to Make Pastry Cream for Eclairs

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Making pastry cream for eclairs will require you to have access to a number of important ingredients, like granulated sugar. Make pastry cream for eclairs with help from the head chef and principal owner of YaDa Chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Joseph Yacino, YaDa Chef. And I'm going to show you how to make pastry cream for eclair or a Creme Patissiere. The ingredients you're going to need, one cup or a 190 grams of granulated sugar, five egg yolks, half a cup or 50 grams of flour, two cups or 500 ml of boiling milk, some vanilla essence and one tablespoon or 14 grams of butter. O.k., the first thing were going to do, is to put eggs in the bowl. We're going to start beating these until they become a little bit lighter in color. Gradually we're going to beat in the sugar. This is going to take you, depending on how strong your wrist is, anywhere from two to three minutes. Put your milk onto a burner, bring it to a boil, being careful not to burn it or scorch it. It should take just a couple minutes. Once you reach the consistency of light yellow, you're going to beat in. At this point, it's going get thick, you flour. So, you might want to use, switch to a wooden spoon to make it a little bit easier for you. And little by little, you'll pour in your milk, stirring constantly, being sure not to curdle or to scramble your eggs. Then, you return this egg mixture to the pan and we'll cook it for a couple of minutes. I've taken if off the heat, I'm now going to add about a teaspoon of the vanilla, pure vanilla extract. And the one tablespoon or 15 grams, 14 grams of butter. I'm just going to beat it in, beat it, beat it, beat it, until it's all melted in. And there you have it. Quick and easy version of how to make pastry cream for eclairs or creme patissiere. And it's filmed in the kitchens of the Party Penthouse, 4040 Galt Ocean Drive. I'm Joseph Yacino, thanks for watching.


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