How to Harvest & Prepare Cayenne Peppers

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Harvesting and preparing Cayenne peppers is something that you do by first plucking them off the plan. Harvest and prepare Cayenne peppers with help from a professional chef, caterer and food stylist in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Chef Maria from Cork and Platter, and today I'm going to teach you how to harvest and prepare cayenne peppers. So, the first thing I do before I actually harvest my peppers is make sure that I wear gloves. They will cause irritation if you have the oils on your skin and you do something like rub your eyes or, or touch your skin. The first thing I do is pluck all the peppers off the plant. And it's important to pull the ones that are moldy or wrinkles, they have gone past the point of being ripe and what happens is this, if you try to mix them in with the other peppers, it will, it's like that expression, one apple will spoil the whole bunch. It's the same thing with peppers. So, pull them when they are still firm and they give a little bit of a tug when you tug them, they, they give a little bit of a resistance and then you pluck them from the plant and you're going to have an abundant amount of peppers. And what I like to do is dry them and the easiest way to do it is you take the pepper, make sure that you still have the stem on it. And I take a series of clothes hangers and I will put them with clothespins about two to three inches apart and let them dry for about a week. Make sure that the space is very aired out and dry and there's not a lot of moisture. And then once they're dry, I use them just when I need them for cooking. I take half of them and I put them in a food processor and I pull some until they're like chili flakes that you use on pizza and pasta. And then, I take the other half and I actually put them again in the food processor but I let them run all the way through until they're really really fine and that's my cayenne powder that I use for everyday cooking.


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