Recipe for Truffle-Spiked Mushroom Risotto

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Truffle-spiked mushroom risotto requires a few key ingredients, like some button mushrooms. Get a recipe for truffle-spiked mushroom risotto with help from an experienced private chef in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, everybody, and welcome back. My name is Neil Fuentes and this is Latin Twisted Dishes with Neil Fuentes. We're gonna talk about risotto today. Risotto is one of those luxurious items that you can definitely impress your guests if you make this dish at home. And, you're gonna see, risotto is very intimidating. But, it's actually not. It's a very, very easy dish to make. And, today, we're gonna make a mushroom and truffle risotto for you. This dish goes in two different steps. First, we need to make the broth of what it's, of which we're gonna use to make our risotto. The second step is actually making the risotto. So, the first thing we're gonna do is we have some button mushrooms, over here, that we're gonna slice. And, you can use any mushroom that you want. You can use Chanterelle, you can use oyster mushrooms. It doesn't really mater what kind of mushroom you use. So, I have, here, some definitely some button mushrooms, right here, I'm gonna slice, and I'm gonna cook 'em in a little bit of olive oil and garlic, and a little bit of onions, as well. And, then, once that is nice and cooked, I'm gonna add a little bit of chicken broth, and also some white wine to that. Basically, what we're making, here, is once again, a soup, we're making a broth with the mushroom. And, that broth, we're gonna use it to make the risotto. Once the broth is done, then we add a little bit of olive oil, to this pan, right here and we're gonna start cooking the risotto in there, a little bit, until start releasing the starch. Once starch releasing starts, we're gonna add a little bit of more wine in that. We're gonna deglaze that, and we're gonna start adding that broth that we will remake into the risotto. Tips about risotto: don't ever leave it alone. keep stirring, stirring, stirring, and in twenty minutes, you're gonna have the best dish ever.


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