Getting Rid of Sun Spots With TCA Acid

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Getting rid of sun spots with TCA acid is something that you can also do with other areas of your body. Get rid of sun spots with TCA acid with help from a skin care professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, I'm Sandra Oulmas and this is how to get rid of sun spots with TCA acid. Whether you are a sun worshiper or not, every bit of unprotected sun exposure you've had will have consequences on your skin. The consequences come in the form of sun damage or sun spots which can appear anywhere on your body, but most often on your face, décolletage and hands. A series of professional TCA or Trichloroacetic Acid Peels is the best way to gradually fade and eliminate these sun spots. TCA is the gold standard for peeling agents. The Trichloroacetic Acid coagulates the dermal and epidermal proteins. Your esthetician or dermatologist can apply TCA solution directly to the sun spots or over the entire face, decolletage and hands for a more uniform treatment. The TCA peel rapidly penetrates the outermost layer of the dermis to regenerate the cell promoting desquamation. As a result, the sloughing of pigmented or sun damaged dead cell occur, occurs. Added benefits of TCA peels include even skin tone and texture as well as soften fine lines and wrinkles. For best result, for best results, pre-treatment with bleaching agents such as hydroquinone, four percent twice daily is recommended in addition to Retin-A and alpha hydroxy acid product and a concentrated Vitamin C serum. Compliance to the pre-treatment program will determine the level or results you will see from your TCA peel which can be significant in lightening of the sun spots. To completely eliminate sun spots, a series of four TCA peels is recommended in addition to avoidance of continued excess sun exposure. Again, I'm Sandra Oulmas and thank you for watching how to get rid of sun spots with TCA acid.


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