Preschool Lesson on Halloween Safety

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Preschool lessons on Halloween safety are important for older children and even adults, as well. Get preschool lessons on Halloween safety with help from a registered nurse in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Karen Gibson, registered nurse. I worked in the emergency room many times, and saw preschoolers who had Halloween incidents. So today we're gonna be talking about Halloween safety for preschoolers and other children and adults. And one of the things we suggest is that when children go out that they do not go out late at night. They always have to be with an adult, but if they are, you need to take one of these with you. You need to have a flashlight and some type of a flashing thing, particularly if they're in black outfits, because you can't see them at all. The need to be dressed in white in the dark. Children need to be wearing something neon, like one of these night lights or something that you normally use at home, but you need to have something that has glitter on it. Also, if they're gonna be wearing a mask, you should be very, very careful that they have peripheral vision and can see so that they don't trip. That's also true of their costumes. Costumes should be short enough and flowing enough and flame retardant in case sparks from any of the pumpkins that are lit happen to get on their costume. These reflectors are very, very good for bikes, but they can also be put on costumes so that children don't get hurt when they're going a crossing the street, and so that people can see them easily. Never leave the children alone though, and check every piece of candy, and don't ever let them eat anything that's been tampered with or the paper's been removed or taken. Also, be very careful that they don't take a handful of something and actually put money that might have been given to them as a replacement for candy into their mouth. Sometimes children swallow those things. Also, hot dogs and apples are a big thing. I found in the emergency room that hot dogs are very, very difficult to get out of someone's throat. So do not let children eat hot dogs very fast, because they need to really chew them. Even with instruments that we had to remove foreign objects from the throat, it wouldn't grab a hot dog. So be very, very careful about taffy and candy, and their teeth and everything else that you do and have fun on Halloween. I'm Karon White Gibson, celebrating Halloween and first aid safety for Halloween for preschoolers and other children. I'm the host of Outspoken with Karon, RN, TV and web shows, and you can reach me at


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