Teaching Children About Health & Posture

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Teaching children about health and posture is something that you should always start at the earliest possible age. Teach children about health and posture with help from a registered nurse in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Karon White Gibson, registered nurse and certified case manager. Today, we're gonna be talking about posture, specifically in children, but also in adults. When you lose your core because you haven't got any fitness, and you have haven't been exercising, you can slouch, you can walk improperly, you can hurt your hips and your back. Today, I'm gonna be using my book, Nurses on Our Own, for nurse Sally to walk with this on her head like we used to to keep from slouching. Our mother's always told us to sit up straight, and if you don't have your shoulders up straight when you use the computer or when you're bent over, or you bend your head over, it's like 30 pounds of weight on your head and on your spine. So it could be a terrible problem. Now you can use balancing, you can use trampolines, you can use all different types of exercises. Even at the Illinois Back Institute in Illinois, they use all different kinds of exercises and suspension, not traction but suspension, on treadmills and other things to regenerate your posture. Okay, this is nurse Sally, and she's standing up the way you should properly, absolutely straight that you can walk with a book on your head. Now we're gonna show you what she looks like when she slouches, which is very, very bad. When nurse Sally slouches over, she could become permanently disabled from this. It's like having 30 pounds of weight on her spine, and it can cause all kinds of problems with your bones, fractures and things like that. And falling, if you're looking down instead of looking straight ahead, you can fall very easily. So you need to stand up straight like she is, and have your core very strong, core balance. I'm Karon Gibson, and we've been talking about your posture today, specifically for children and adults. Don't lay on your stomach, lay straight on your back. Stand up straight, and don't bend over for 10 to 30 minutes after you get up out of bed or out of a chair.


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