How to Make Aioli for Seafood

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Making aioli for seafood requires you to use some good, old fashioned mayo as a base. Make aioli for seafood with help from a 5-star chef with a lot of TV cooking experience in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

How are you? Chef Ivan Flowers, and we're going to talk about a seafood aioli; seafood mayonnaise. This is a very very good recipe; I'm very happy to share this with you. We're actually using a mayo that you can buy as your base. You can make your own mayo, but that's kind of another episode. So, go out and get your favorite mayo. And we're going to use this as a base, about two tablespoons. Now, what I'm going to add to this is mussel juice. If you don't have mussel juice from making fresh mussels, just get a little clam juice. Make sure it's lower salt and I'm just going to go in just with a touch of the mussel juice. I'm going to add a little bit of old bay, just a pinch, just a touch. A little bit of saffron, again, very very small amount, just a touch. Worcestershire sauce, gives a nice almost smoky flavor. Sweet chili, about a half a tablespoon and then, this is lemon zest puree. Ask your grocery to order it; they usually have it in the frozen section. It's the, it's the zest and they pureed it. It's, it's magnificent. It's very strong, so you want to use a small amount. So, I'm going to use about a quarter of a teaspoon. A little bit of salt; just remember Worcestershire sauce is not salted. Most people think it is. A little bit of pepper. And we're just going to give it a nice little mix, just kind of keep folding it in and you just get this creamy, slightly spicy, citrusy aioli that is incredible with seafood. What we have here is we have a little bit of Ahi tuna, Hamachi, Green-lipped mussels and some Mazatlan prawns. And if you're doing this, it's a little art, I like to go to the side, go to the side and a little in the back and then people can just kind of dip as they go. So, there you have it, a very simple yet complex seafood aioli. And if you want to put it on a pork chop, God bless you, no reason to say anything. Enjoy it!


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