How to Do Sushi From Scratch

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Doing sushi from scratch will require you to have a few key tools, like the right kind of wood bowl. Do sushi from scratch with help from a 5-star chef with a lot of TV cooking experience in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, this is Chef Ivan Flowers from San Diego, and we're going to talk about rice and Sushi rolls. Today, I have the pleasure and the honor of introducing Chef Page. Okay, first of all, I like to show how to make the best Sushi rice using a wood bowl and if someone doesn't have a wood bowl I'm going to show you the trick of using this one and the measurement for this, this is a five cup bowl of rice and the measurement is one cup of rice vinegar and a tablespoon full of salt and a teaspoon full of salt. Now Chef I have a question when they buy the rice in the supermarket, what rice do they buy, a white rice. I'm using Japanese rice and I'm using short grain but most of the cartons of rice is like medium grain but Japanese rice would be great. And why I use the wood bowl and if you pour too much vinegar, the wood will absorb that, the too much vinegar, that makes the rice so frappe and nice. Now once you mix this, the next one cools down, that's it and this one is careful, don't put too much vinegar over it and make it watery so that's the trick. If you go to supermarket you can buy this type of a sealer, okay, you have to cut it in half but not this way, this way. The seaweed inside so rice outside, it doesn't matter outside and inside. Now Chef this is also known as Nori when people go to buy it? Right. Put it out, this time, the point is don't squish the outer so you just spread it out, softly, like this. Put seaweed over it, this one causes a flavor, good flavor, also when you flip it out, it's not sticking on the cutting board. That's amazing that it sticks to the Nori like that, that's magical. And now take your California roll and avocados right here and the cucumbers, the crab meat. Okay, this time you don't have to keep the border, but make sure, inside make it tighter. The first step, right here, make it right, then roll it over like this. Put plastic over it and using a bamboo roller, and then make it tight, make it style nicely.


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