How to Make a Clam Bake on the Stove

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Making a clam bake on the stove requires you to have the right type of pot and the right type of clams. Make a clam bake on the stove with help from a 5-star chef with a lot of TV cooking experience in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello. I'm chef Ivan Flowers from beautiful San Diego, and we're going to do a clam bake on the stove. So traditionally clam bakes are usually done you know, and it netted and it's kind of put into you know a pot. We're going to actually do it right on the stove. First thing we're going to start off with is we have beautiful succulent delicate cherry stone clams. Love cherry stone clams, what else do you want to do with a clam bake. I like hericot verts green beans. I have baby fingerling potatoes that I roasted in garlic. We have a corn esquite, nice pacquiao peppers, a touch of cream and lobster stock. And we have our pan. We're going to take our clams, you can hear that little sizzle. So as the clams are introduced the bottom of the clam is starting to heat up a little bit and that's what you want. I'm now going to go in with a little bit of verjus. Verjus is the juice of unripened green grapes. You can find it in the grocery store. A little smokey, a little steamy there. A little bit of Chardonnay. Now these clams are going to take a few minutes and that's OK. It's a slow process. So as your verjus and your wine are coming down I'm going to go in with hericot verts, nice smokey pacquiao peppers, a nice Spanish pepper. You can find them in the grocery store. If now a roasted bell is fine, and a little bit of lobster stock. At this point we can put our potatoes in, and really nice roasted fingerlings with garlic and rosemary. I'm going to wait on the corn and I'm going to wait on the cream until I start to come up to a boil. OK. So our beautiful beautiful cherry stone clams have been cooking for 4 minutes and that beautiful verjus and Chardonnay has reduced down. It's picking up the smokiness from the pacquiao. I'm going in with the corn esquite at this point. Because we really don't want to cook that too much, just blend it. And a touch of cream. I'm French trained, I can't help myself. So a little bit of cream. Now it's important, we're going to turn our fire off, let the clams open and you can see just beautiful beautiful succulent delicious cherry stone clams. And there you have it, a clam bake on the stove.


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