Crab Caesar Pasta Salad

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Crab Caesar pasta salad will require lemon Parmesan dressing and a few other important items. Make crab Caesar pasta salad with help from a 5-star chef with a lot of TV cooking experience in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

How are you? Chef Ivan Flowers in beautiful San Diego where we're going to do a Caesar's salad. with pasta. But, I'm going to show you a trick on how to take it up. The most important thing when you do a Caesar is a garlicy, lemony Parmesan dressing, which is another show, but we have that here. I've got a new fresh Romaine. I like to take the tops off. So, open up your Romaine, go down by half and nice size pieces; nice and simple. So, I'm going to place that in bowl; as we're looking, we want to make sure the pieces are even, they are. I'm going to put that to the side. Now, here's the kicker on this dish. We're just going to get the pan slightly warm, little bit of extra virgin olive oil on the bottom. To kick up the Caesar, I'm going to go in with confit tomatoes, roasted chicken and maple glazed bacon and a brioche crouton, whatever pasta you like. So, we're going in with little shells. You give it a toss and you're warm enough to come off the heat. Warm into cold. We're going to go right into our Romaine. If we were too hot, it would wilt the greens, that's not what you want to do. What do you want to do is make sure you put enough dressing, a homemade garlicky, Parmesan-y, lemon seasoned dressing. You always make it strong because it dilutes throughout the salad. Nice Parmesan; you can use Pecorino, you can use Locatelli. Good amount of cheese on top. Your hands are your best tool; make sure they're clean. You want to do a nice mix and I can feel that perfect warmth. Give my hands a little wipe. I want to go in with a little bit of salt and pepper and just give a mix. There's no trick; you can of push down on the sides of the bowl, so that when you come up with the salad, you have a little height. And I like to finish, little more cheese. And there you have it, a nice Caesar salad with pasta.


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