Shrimp & Crab Fondue

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Shrimp and crab fondue will require you to first take a pan and get it nice and hot. Make shrimp and crab fondue with help from a 5-star chef with a lot of TV cooking experience in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Good morning, Chef Ivan Flowers from beautiful, beautiful, sunny San Diego. This morning we are doing a Mazatlan prawn and fresh Alaskan crab fondue. Fondue? Fondue who, as they would say in Brooklyn. Fondue you? I'm not making any fondue, you know, it's difficult, melting cheese, it's got to hold then what do I do? I'm going to show you a trick, I'm very excited about this dish. I woke up very excited this morning. This is simple, here we go. Take the pan and get the pan hot. I'm going to go in with chardonnay, probably about half a cup. Now I'm going to go in with the juice of a lemon and to that chardonnay and then I'm going in with garlic puree, a little bit of garlic clove, done with olive oil, probably about half a tablespoon and I'm going to let that start to go. Here is the secret. I've been cooking for 25 years, I learned this from my wife, I must admit. So I have to give her credit, the bowl, the cheese. I'm using sharp English cheddar, about a cup, that's coming to a boil. Here is the secret, the magical white powder, cornstarch. I'm just going to go in with a little sprinkle and it's going to just dust that cheese okay? You're just going to dust it very lightly. Now I'm going in, rubber spatula and you can see as the cheese is starting to melt, the cornstarch is starting to work that cheese and let it come down in a very very smooth level. And you just keep working it, turn my heat down a little bit. At this point I like a little salt and pepper. Now you can put a lot of other things into this, roasted chilies, cumin, cayenne, anything you want, we're just talking about the base here okay? So again I'm going to work it. I'm going to hit it with just a little more wine so I can get the viscosity that I want and it's just starting to come alive, that sharp cheddar and what you've got happening is you've got, with the lemon juice and the garlic and the cornstarch, there's a little bit of a reaction going on. So this actually stays stabilized. So if you want to put it in a fondue pot, a little pot with a candle and see how smooth and beautiful we are getting, there we are at the fondue stage, I mean just perfect. What's better than melted cheese? So there you have it, you've got Mazatlan prawns or you can buy shrimp, fresh Alaskan King Crab done with a nice sharp New England cheddar fondue, simple, simple, go out, do it tonight.


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