Which Pot Do I Use to Steam Mussels?

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When steaming mussels, you're going to want to use the right type of pot for the absolute best possible results. Find out which pot you should use to steam mussels with help from a 5-star chef with a lot of TV cooking experience in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Good morning, I'm chef Ivan Flowers. I'm coming to you from beautiful San Diego. And today we are going to talk about what pot to cook muscles in. Now I could very easily say here's the muscles and here's the pot. That's the pot you are going to cook it in. But we're not going to do that. You can use a lot of pots when you are cooking muscles. I like to use a small saute pan and I'm going to tell you why. You get to see the muscles do their thing. It's kind of like peeking in on your next door neighbor when their curtains are open. They start to talk to you a little bit. They open up, the liquor comes out. You see the translucency. You can control the muscle with a smaller pot. You go with a big pot with a lot of water, you don't see what's going on and the muscles start to boil. So the first thing we are going to do. I've got my pot warmed up. I'm going in with wine. I use a nice Chardonnay. And that wine is going to start to cook quickly and what we want is we want it to come to a boil. So I'm going to raise my flame. As we're working that wine. I'm going to go in with a little butter. Always make sure you use unsalted butter. Otherwise your dish will be salty. I'm going to go in with a little bit of garlic puree. It's garlic and olive oil that are just pureed together. And that goes into the wine. Nice shallots. This is pancetta and I did it with a little 12 year old sherry vinegar and a little touch of lemon zest so it's nice and gastricky. I'm going to fold it in. What I like to use also for a touch just a touch of heat is either sombaolic or chili sauce. A little chili goes in. Now we want to cook our garlic out and that only takes probably about 30 seconds. I'm going in with some roasted tomatoes. We do a slow roasted. You can use a fresh tomato or you can use a dried tomato. And of course now the magic is the muscles. We go in with the muscles. These are Prince Edward Island so they've been probably, aquaculture. They're very, very safe. They cook quickly. As we're working the muscles you want it to steam gently. You don't want to be moving your pan where you are crack your muscles otherwise all the juice is going to come out a little too soon. And you can see the muscles start to open. Now if you want to go a little further, the old french way is to put the plate on top. It warms and scents the plate. It's very, very interesting. So you are actually warming the plate that your muscles are going into. This is only going to take about 30 seconds, 40 seconds and the muscles will open. Again we want to take a peek. And we can already see our muscles are opening beautifully. Now our muscles should occupy three quarters of the shell. So I'm going to turn the heat off. And I'm going to start to take my muscles out and you can see the muscle is big. It's not like a small eraser. We haven't overcooked it. I like to finish not in the pan but on top with just a little bit of fresh lime. And then after they're cooked a little salt and a little pepper. Sometimes if you use it while they're cooking they make the muscle tough and they will shrink a little more. And here are beautiful muscles done with tomatoes, pancetta, a little bit of butter, Chardonnay and fresh herbs.


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