Removing Wax From the Fingers

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Removing wax from the fingers is a process that requires you to chill them in a very specific way. Remove wax from the fingers with help from an experienced waxing professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Summer Vasilas. Today, I'm gonna show you how to wax your fingers. Your fingers are an extension of your arms, and many times they're forgotten in your wax. So today, I'm gonna give you some great techniques on how to wax your fingers. Let's get started. You want to first start by making sure the fingers are nice and warm. If they're cold, that wax is gonna chill to the fingers and make it much harder to remove. After they're warm, you want to prep the area with a light amount of powder. You can use a talc powder or a talc free powder, such as corn starch. Make sure that you don't have a thick layer of powder on. You're gonna start with your upper digit and then the lower digit. Sectioning them out, each individually, you want to apply the wax in a nice, thin layer. I'm taking pre-cut muslim strips, really applying pressure as I put that strip on, and I'm also pulling the skin tight right below. And you're just going to continue on to each finger. A nice thin layer. I'm using the edge of my stick versus the flat part of my stick. This allows the wax to go on very thin, and when I put this strip on, I'm just using the side, a small section, versus applying it to the whole finger, and pulling off. Notice my left hand is moving along, and always pulling that skin nice and tight from that wax application. With that nice pressure, there's minimal residue that's left on the fingers afterwards, which makes for easier cleanup. It's nice to apply pressure afterwards, it helps calm the sting just a little bit. You can use the same strip, just fold it over, and you have your clean side here. I'm also keeping the fingers spread apart so they don't stick to each other. And then finally we'll finish with the thumb. And here you just have this upper digit. Again, notice the angle of my stick, it's kept at the side. By rubbing on the strip, it's also warming up that wax underneath as it's adhering to the strip. And we're gonna finish with a little bit of oil, to help sooth the skin, and the wax residue. And there's how you wax the fingers.


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