How to Get Rid of Unsightly Facial & Chin Hair on Women

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Getting rid of unsightly facial and chin hair on women is something that you can do with two types of wax. Get rid of unsightly facial and chin hair on women with help from an experienced waxing professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Summer Vasilas. And today I'm going to teach you how to wax facial and chin hair on women. This is a relatively easy service and you should be able to finish it within 30 minutes. You are going to find that there are two types of waxes that you can use for this service. Either a hard wax which is a stripless wax. Or a soft wax which is a strip wax. For the service today I'm going to be doing a hard wax. Lets get started. So before you begin you want to determine that your hair is at the appropriate length. You want to make sure it's about a quarter of an inch long. Then you want to prep your skin with a little bit of powder. You can use a talc powder or a talc free powder. I'm using a cornstarch powder. And then you want to break your face into small sections. You have your side burn section. Your lower cheek. You also have the chin and the lip. I like to start from the ear and move forward. You want to apply your wax in small sections. Now I'm going to use a hard wax. I find that the hard wax is better for the sensitive areas such as the face. This wax goes on warm in a nice thin layer. And then it's going to cool. And as it cools it's lifting itself from the skin and acting like Saran wrap around the hair. It only takes a second to dry. You want to make sure it's not sticking to your fingers. You are going to grab the lip and pull up. You are going to continue doing that along the face. Again in those small sections. For the chin you want to break it into four sections. Your two upper sections and the two lower sections. So starting at the middle of the chin. I'm drawing that wax down. And just do one section at a time. Don't get overzealous with your wax and put too many pieces down. It's going to be harder for you to remove if you do that. I'm following along with the hair growth. So I'm staying in that same direction. And it's growing down so I'm applying my wax down. There you can tell that wasn't completely dry. And you want to continue on and repeat to the other side. You can see with this hard wax that it doesn't make the skin as red. It's not left as irritated afterwards as opposed to a soft wax. The soft wax tends to stick to the skin so you get more of a pull on the skin along the hair. For the lip we are going to break it into two sections. One on each side and then one in the middle. So three sections total. And again you are going to go with that hair growth direction. So I'm starting here at the middle and pulling that wax down. And you want to get just along the lip line there. A lot of hairs tend to hide right along that lip line. For that middle section of the lip now I'm going to pull that skin nice and taught. And I'm going to apply that wax down. Again leaving a nice thick wax lip there. When you pull this piece up take from the corner and come at an angle. And you want to continue on and repeat to the other side. So after you've completed your waxing service you want to go back over and tweeze. Look for any missed hairs and tweeze out those missed hairs. You are just looking for one or two. If there's more then one or two in an area you can apply wax over one more time as long as you are using the hard wax. If you are using the soft wax you have to stick with the tweezing afterwards. So you want to finish with a soothing oil. I hope these tips help you with getting rid of facial and chin hair.


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