How to Wax Facial Hair on Women

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Waxing facial hair on women is a process that shouldn't take any longer than 30 minutes. Wax facial hair on women with help from an experienced waxing professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Summer Vasilis. Today, I'm going to teach you how to wax facial hair on women. This is a relatively easy service and it shouldn't take you any longer than 30 minutes. You're going to find that there's two types of wax that you can use; a hard wax, which is known as a strip-less wax or a soft wax, which is known as a strip wax. I'm going to be using a hard wax today. Let's get started. The first thing you want to do is you want to determine that you have the appropriate length of hair. So, you're looking for that hair to be about a quarter of an inch long. The next thing is determine the sections or areas that you want to wax. Typically, it's your sideburn area, the cheek area, your chin and the lip. Once you determine your areas that you want to wax, you want to prep with a little bit of powder. This powder, you can either use a talc powder or non-talc such as cornstarch and this is helping to put a protective barrier between the wax and your skin. I'm going to use two different sizes of sticks. For the larger areas such as sideburn or cheek, I'm going to use this large stick which is just a tongue depressor. And then, for the smaller area, like the lip, I'm going to use this smaller stick. And this is actually just a coffee stir stick. I like to start from the side and move forward. So, I'm going to start with the sideburns. I'm going to tuck the hair back, so you want to pin that hair back and then determine how far up you want to go. You want to apply this wax into small sections. Wait for that wax to dry. You can see with my small sections, it's about a two-finger size width. And you're just going to continue moving forward. Typically for the face, we come just below, you want to come just below the jawline here. Once you've done your cheek area, move into your chin. And I'm going to split this into four sections; two in the upper and I'll do two on the lower. With this hard wax, I'm touching it to make sure that it's dry. If it sticks to my fingers, I know that it's not quite ready to come up. So, now that we've finished in one section of the chin, you can just continue on and finish the other three sections. Now, for the lip, you want to section it into two sections. You're going to do each side of the lip and then the middle. And again, you want to follow along with the direction of the hair growth. So, we're going to apply in a downward motion. Now, that we've completed one side of the lip, you can continue on with the other side and the middle. Now, with this last piece in the middle, I applied it down, but when you remove it, you want to remove it at an angle so you don't bump your nose. So, after your waxing is done, you want to go back over and see if there's any hairs that you may have missed. Then, you just want to tweeze those hairs out. And after you're done tweezing, you want to finish with a soothing oil to help calm that redness down. And that concludes our facial wax.


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