Finding the Volume of a T-shaped Rectangular Prism

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Finding the volume of a T-shaped rectangular prism will be a great way to get experience working with irregular shapes. Find the volume of a t-shaped rectangular prism with help from an experienced mathematics educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Marija, and today I'm gonna show you how to find the volume of a t-shaped rectangular prism. But first it's important to understand that if a prism is t-shaped, then it's not necessarily rectangular, because rectangular means that the length and width are each the same size, right. So, what we're actually gonna have to do is split this t-shaped prism into two different prisms that are rectangular. So now we're looking at this bottom piece and this top piece, right? So it will be 3D, and probably look a lot better drawn where you have it, but we're looking at this prism down here, this rectangular prism, and this separate rectangular prism going this way. So the way that you would find the volume of this whole t-shape prism is by adding the two separate volumes of the rectangular prisms together. And to find the volume of a rectangular prism, all we have to do is length times width times height. So if you're given all the dimensions, let's say we're given that this is ten, going down we have a two, and then the depth we'll give it a three, we're doing ten times two is 20, and 20 times three is 60, so if these were let's say feet, now we have 60 feet cubed. And then if we're working with this other prism, let's say that we have going down another two, going this way four, and five. Five times four is 20 and 20 times two is 40, so this would be 40. Again if it was feet, we'll say feet cubed. Now I take these two separate volumes that I have and because I've put together these shapes in order to come up with this t, I'm gonna put together these volumes by adding. So I'm adding the 60 and the 40 to get 100 feet cubed as my volume of this t-shaped prism.


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