How to Clean a Garage Floor Before Installing Tile

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It's really important to clean a garage floor before installing any new tile. The cleaner the floor the easier it will be fore the mortar to have something underneath to stick to. Find out how to clean a garage floor before installing tile with tips from a foreman and professional contractor in this free video.

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Hello, everyone, I'm Joshua Clement, and today I'm gonna talk to you about how to clean a garage floor before installing tile. It's important to get your garage floor nice and clean, that way the mortar underneath your tile has something to stick to, and it's not a glossy finish underneath there. For this job you will need plenty of water, and rags, you will also need a putty knife. The first step is to go through with your putty knife and scrape the floor. Being a garage floor, there's a lot of stuff that has sat on there that might raise up in certain areas like paint or dirt. So you'll take the putty knife and just scrape the entire area. After that's done, you'll go ahead and sweep up all the debris that's left over. Then you'll take your water and saturate the area. The reason we're saturating the area is to help relieve all that dirt and grime that has built up on top of your garage floor. You want to let it sit just for a little bit, and then you'll take your rag, and go through, and scrub the top of the concrete. If you have a big enough area, you can use a mop, but you're going to have to clean it quite a bit to make sure that you aren't just smearing the dirt around. After you've scrubbed the area, you want to refrain from walking on it as much as possible before you install your tile. That way you're not tracking around a bunch of dust. It's very important that you don't let any dust or debris be left on your concrete floor because that will cause your tiles to rock around on top of your garage floor. Thank you all for watching, and good luck with this project.


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