How to Photoshop Weight Loss

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There are a couple of options that are available when trying to Photoshop weight loss. The two main ways to accomplish this are by using either free transform or liquify. Learn about both and how to Photoshop weight loss with help from an Adobe expert and teacher in this free online video.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Dave Cross, Photoshop educator and instructor creativeLIVE. This is how to Photoshop weight loss. Anytime you talk about trying to Photoshop weight loss there's a couple of options that are available. I'm going to show you two main functions we're going to use. One is to just kind of make people a little skinnier using free transform and then how liquify can help us even more. Let's take a look. So just so I can show you the difference between the two images I'm going to duplicate the layer. I don't necessarily have to do that but this way I'll be able to show you the difference. You can see what a subtle but important difference it makes. Then we go to edit and free transform. Now you have to be careful here because the temptation is to push it in really far and that's going to look really artificial. So instead we look up here in the options bar and you'll see where it says width, I'm going to take that and change it to like 97 percent. Which really means when you think about it I'm only scaling this down by 3 percent but that's going to look much more realistic. So if we look at it you can see the difference. It still looks natural but look at the subtle difference between the two. Here's the original photograph and here is with our little bit of free transformation. So it's a very useful command that just does and overall kind of slimming effect. Now let's talk about liquify. If you have a version of Photoshop that let's you do this, and that's the last couple of versions of Photoshop, we can make this into a smart filter. But I'll just show you how to do liquify. The key to using liquify is we want to make a brush that's just big enough but not too big. For example if I wanted to tuck in this are here, this size of brush, I'm just using the very first tool in liquify. This size of brush is going to work quite well. If I undo that I'll show you what happens if I have a brush that's too small. If I use a really small little brush then I start to get results like this. This just doesn't look good at all. And you can undo within liquify. Pressing the right bracket key's going to get me a bigger brush and now I can scale things in. And the other secret to using liquify is for example if I wanted to also liquify this side of her waist, but I'm worried about her hand this tool over here is called the freeze tool and it lets me paint over areas that I don't want to be liquified. So now these red areas tell Photoshop don't touch those areas, and even though I take a really big brush you'll see that I'm not affecting those areas that I froze in liquify. Then I click OK. And now we can clear the difference and see very quickly we made a couple of key changes to help Photoshop weight loss. Now although it's not actually necessary to duplicate the background layer, I like to do that for two reasons. First of all it gives me a chance of comparison, the original versus what I've done but also let's you change your mind in case you need to.


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