How to Create Brushes in Photoshop CS6

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Creating brushes in Photoshop CS6 is really quite amazing because literally anything can be made into a brush. All that the users needs to know is that whatever is black is a brush and whatever is white will be transparent. Find out more about how to create brushes in Photoshop CS6 with tips from an Adobe expert and teacher in this free online video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dave Cross, Photoshop educator and instructor at creativeLIVE, and this is how to create brushes in Photoshop CS6. Creating brushes in Photoshop is really quite amazing because literally anything can be made into a brush, and all you need to know is whatever's black is your brush, whatever's white will be transparent, and with that in mind, you can take literally anything and make it into a brush. Let's see how. So first of all, I just have created a document here, just a blank document, and I'm gonna initially make, for example, a copyright brush. I want to make sure my foreground color is black, and I take my type tool, and I'm just gonna create a copyright notice that I want like this, and we'll just make it nice and big. Now, it's always a good idea to make the brush bigger than you'll think you'll need because that way it will fit just about any kind of situation. So I'd rather make a brush that's too big than not big enough. So at this point I have black type on a white background, and that's all I need to do. Then I go to the edit menu, and choose define brush preset. It gives you the opportunity to name your brush if you want, and you click okay. Now once you have that brush, I'll just show you if I take my regular brush tool, now I can go to my brush picker and right down at the bottom is this brush I just created. Now it's ready to be used. So that's basically how you make a brush and what's interesting is again, you can take make anything into a brush. Here I signed a piece of paper and took a photograph of it, nice and large, and I want to make it into a signature brush, and well it's just exactly the same thing. I just go to edit, and define brush preset, give it a name, and now I also have a signature brush. In each case I just have to go to the brush picker, here's the brush I just made, and now I have a brush. If I was gonna use that I would add a new layer, and then I can just click once, and now I have my signature on there, and I can make it the size that I want. I encourage you to experiment with making anything into a brush. Remember, anything in Photoshop can be made into a brush, just have to remember, dark things are your brush, light things are see through.


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