How to Make Something Smaller in Photoshop CS6

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There are two different interpretations of making something smaller in Photoshop CS6. The entire photograph can be made smaller or the other is if there is something on a separate layer and the artist wants to just make that object smaller. Learn more about making something smaller in Photoshop CS6 with help from an Adobe expert and teacher in this free online video.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Dave Cross. This is how to make something smaller in Photoshop CS6. Now there's two ways we can interpret making something smaller in Photoshop. One is making the entire photograph smaller. So take an eight by 10 and make it a four by five for example. The other possible way we can make something smaller is when you have something on a separate layer, and you want to make just that one object smaller. And we'll see how to do both of those right now. So first of all, let's talk about I have a photograph, and it's too large. I want the overall photo and everything in it to be smaller. The way we do that is from the image menu, we go to image size, and in here there's a number of options. It's gonna show you the current size, in my case this is six by four approximate, or I can also look at it in pixels, and I want to make sure that resample image down here is checked. That's how I tell Photoshop make it smaller. And let's just use pixels here, let's say I want it to be 800 pixels instead of 1200. Now you'll see it's telling me the file size has gone down and will also make it smaller. When I click okay, it finishes doing that scaling, and now I can see it's a smaller version. Now typically, if I was gonna do this, I would now use a command like save as to save a smaller version while still preserving my original. Now the other option is what if I have something on it's own layer, and I want to make just that smaller? And I do that by a command called free transform. So we find that under edit, free transform, or we can use the keyboard shortcut command or control+T, and when I do that, you'll see it has little handles now outside my object. If I hold down the shift key to keep it proportional, I can scale it down by eye, but if we look up in the options bar, you'll see there's also the option to scale it by percent. And either way, either case, when you're happy, then once again you press the commit button, like we always do in Photoshop, to tell Photoshop I'm finished and now we've made both the overall image smaller, as well as this one layer smaller. Now remember, whenever using image size we're always using that to make the image smaller, verses larger, and also remember when using free transform hold down that shift key to keep things proportional.


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