How to Connect Plumbing to a Sewer Line

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Connecting plumbing to a sewer line will require you to make good use of a very specific type of adapter. Connect plumbing to a sewer line with help from a foreman for Lighty Contractors in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hello, everyone. I'm Joshua Clement, and today I'm going to talk to you about how to connect your plumbing to your sewer lines. Now this is a fairly simple process but you are going to need to use an adapter. The adapter is very important because your plumbing line let's say you are using an inch and a half plumbing line, that type of plumbing line doesn't connect to a PVC inch and a half. You're going to have to use that adapter. For this job you will need a PVC primer and glue, a coupling and your adapter. So a standard plumbing line coming up from like your sink is an inch and a half. You will take your inch and a half adapter and dry fit it to make sure that it fits properly. Then you will take your adapter and place it on the inside and what this adapter does is it has a threaded side on there with the slip nut, that way you can take it and put it on the part that comes out of the sink or the S trap, slide that on there so you can slide this down and it doesn't matter how far you go down with your plumbing, it can go down as long as you aren't hitting a T or a corner with it. Then you will just tighten it up. After you have dry fit everything, you are going to go ahead and pop it apart and glue it. To glue it you need to take your primer and clean all your joints first. What this does is it loosens up the PVC and allows the glue to stick to it a little bit better. After everything is dried from your cleaner, go ahead and take your coupling and glue one side of it and then glue your plumbing line and you'll press these together and hold them for just a little bit. This glue wants to push that coupling out so you want to hold it for probably about ten seconds until that glue starts to set up. After that, go ahead and unhook this and we'll put some glue on there. Then we'll glue the inside of our coupling and press them together and hold them for about ten seconds. After that's done, take off your slip nut and your washer, put your slip nut onto your pipe, then put your washer on there, make sure that the bevel is facing down, that way it can slide into this adapter and seal properly. Then we'll place our pipe in there and tighten down our slip nut. It's important that you dry fit everything before you start gluing it, that way if anything has to be moved around, you don't have to cut into those pipes and make more unions in there. Thank you all for watching and good luck with this project.


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