Raspberry Sauce on Goat Cheese

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Raspberry sauce on goat cheese is great when prepared with herbs that are fresh from your garden. Make raspberry sauce on goat cheese with help from an experienced culinary professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Paul Caravelli, and today I'm going to show you how to make raspberry sauce for your goat cheese using locally produced wine and herbs from your garden. I personally like to use local ingredients as much as possible to support the community and it's always going to be the freshest stuff you can get. Herbs from your garden are going to be fresher than anything you buy in a grocery store. So we want to get our pan nice and hot. We're going to add our one cup of red wine. And then our one pint of raspberries. And we're going to let that reduce down. OK so we're going to reduce the red wine down to cook off all the alcohol and draw out all the raspberries' pectin and sugars so we have a nice thick sauce at the end. OK so now that our liquid looks like it's almost like boiling a syrup that means we've drawn out all the natural sugars and pectin from the raspberries, it's time to add our fresh herbs. We'll do a pinch of fresh thyme, a pinch of lavender. We're going to use the blossom for a little bit of a milder flavor. And just a very small amount of rosemary as well. Just a pinch. Too much of any of these herbs and your flavor will be more medicinal than fresh. We'll do about a half teaspoon of Himalayan sea salt. And a half teaspoon of fresh cracked black pepper. And now we're ready to put it in to our food processor. We're transferring in to the food processor. And just use the pulse button. And pulse a few times before you really get it going. Then we'll taste our final product. These raspberries were wonderfully sweet so we don't need to add any extra sugar to balance out the acidity. Should your raspberries be sour, you could add an extra teaspoon of sugar and pulse again. So we have our finished product. And you can look like any professional chef by this one plating technique which I call the swoop. You take your pile and you take the back of your spoon and just swoop forward. Take your goat cheese which I bought one that was pre-rolled in herbs. You can buy plain you can buy many different variations of it. Place it right on top and it's ready for the party.


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