How to Find Beads for Fake Piercings

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Finding beads for fake piercings is something that you can do with self adhesive stickers and other tools. Find beads for fake piercings with help from an experienced fashion professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Kristie Prince Hale, and today we're gonna talk about how to find beads for fake earrings. Now, I have a niece that wants to get her ears pierced, but she just hasn't quite worked out the nerve to get it done, so instead, we use fake earrings, all the time, around here. And, what we do is we venture over to the craft store, we look in their sticker section where they have self-adhesive stickers that actually have beads on them. And, here's a few examples. These are great little beads. They look like pearls. So, there's some different colors in there, so some great variation in there. Then, we also have some other examples to show you. Here's some rhinestone looking beads, and these are all self-adhesive stickers, so it makes it really easy. So, if you don't wanna just go with an earring piercing, and you wanna, you know, perhaps, you like a nose piercing, these would work great for that. The next one I've got to show you, here, is a great black bead set. It's got more of a matte finish to it, and then, this last example I wanna show you is a little bit more fancy. And, these, again, self-adhesive, so they're really, really easy. And, so, as you can see, I'm kind of wearing some samples for you, today. We've got this black matte finish on this bead, and this is a great casual look, but you could also wear these if you were getting a little dressed up. Maybe you have a pencil skirt on and a nice blazer like this, and you're going out to dinner, that would work as well, too. So, this black bead is a really great, you know, versatile bead for you to pick. But, the great thing about this, too, is the size. This packet comes with various sizes, so we can make sure that we find the right size for our earlobe. We don't want anything too big, and we don't want anything too tiny, that it's gonna get lost. This is if I was getting a little bit more dressed up. This would be a great variation to use. And, this sticker, why I love it so much for the bead, self-adhesive sticker, but really fancy, that I could wear with a great ball gown, even. There's lot's of great products out there, so venture over to your craft stores and see what products will work for you. You wanna make sure you look for size and different type of styles that'll work for your outfit. Thanks for joining me on how to find beads for fake earrings. I'm Kristie Prince Hale.


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