The HTC ones is one of the cooler phones available on the market today. Find out more about the HTC One with help from your friends at eHow Tech in this free video clip.

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Hi Dave Johnson, editor of eHow Tech here. We're talking about phones and in particular we are talking about Android phones. One of the cooler phones available today is the HTC One. Now HTC has crafted just a downright gorgeous phone here. It's actually machined from a single block of anodized aluminum and it really looks the part. It has this nice curved back and a huge 4.7 inch screen. It's much bigger than say the iPhone's 4 inch display but it's not gargantuan like those Samsung tablets. The other thing that's really distinctive about this phone is right up here in front are stereo speakers. There's a little grill on either side of the screen. This is great if there is an audio file, music lover in the family and they are wanting a phone, this is a really good choice because the sound projects right out of the front. The speakers aren't buried in the back or under the screen, it has a very fast quad core processor and when you turn it on one of the things that I find very cool, a feature I really like is called Blink Feed, so as you turn it on and scroll up you get to see Facebook, Twitter and other notifications in this gorgeous presentation that looks like a cross between your Facebook timeline and perhaps a magazine. So that's really really elegant. HTC One, 32 gigabyte for $199 which is actually fairly competitive with the other Android phones and as I say really good for the audio files in the family that like the idea of having the front facing high quality speakers built right in.

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