The TYLT ENERGI+ backpack will make sure you never suffer a dead battery on a device like a smart phone again. Find out about the TYLT ENERGI+ backpack with help from your friends at eHow Tech in this free video clip.

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Hi, I'm Dave Johnson, editor of eHow Tech, and if you have a lot of gadgets and you travel a lot, you are probably always looking for a great backpack. You might not think about a backpack as a piece of tech and especially like a gift for a techy in the family or a friend but I've got one for you. This is from a company called Tylt and it's the Tylt Energi + Power Backpack. This has got to be the most awesome backpack I have ever seen hands down. A couple of things, first of all, have you ever gotten a backpack that came with an instruction manual before? You can see that there's a lot of like cables and stuff, pictured here. It's got an integrated battery and it comes with a wiring guide to help you, give you some idea of how you might want to wire this thing together and I'll actually show you why this backpack is so awesome. First of all it's a good size backpack. It has more pockets and compartments then I have ever seen in another backpack. I've actually lost track of how many it has in it but let's kind of walk through it. So I'm going to open it up and split it down the middle and you can see that it has a nice big laptop compartment and in fact, this is really an over-sized backpack compartment. I have a big laptop that has an extended battery which doesn't fit in a lot of bags. It fits no problem in here and on this side you've got a 10,400 milliwatt hour battery. Well that sounds like a big number right, but what does it do, it can actually full charge your Smartphone four times and charge a heavier amperage device like a tablet, like an iPad one time as well. So you can wire this however you want, there's all kinds of little cubbies and compartments and pass throughs. I've got it wired in a particular way but there's a multitude of options for you. I'm going to close it up so we can see some of the other cool stuff, up here on top there is a little quick access that has, let me pull this out so you can see it, it's a rugged container to hold your Smartphone and I've got a wire cable right here so I can plug in my iPhone and leave it up there to charge. Also, how cool is this? It has a dedicated tablet or iPad compartment so you've got your laptop back there and you put your iPad right there and I have a cable here to charge that as well. Then in front, there's a big open area that comes with an accessory bag to put stuff, lots of mesh, lots of pockets, more places to root cables for charging. The shoulder straps, how cool is this, they are padded, so they have this big beefy foam in the top so it's actually very convenient to have on your back. There's just a ton of things here to kind of like organize the backpack the way you like. The whole package costs $200 so I highly recommend this for all the road warriors out there who carry a lot of gadgets on the go.

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