The Lightscoop is one of the most talked about digital cameras on the market today. Find out about the Lightscoop with help from your friends at eHow Tech in this free video clip.

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Hey, Dave Johnson, editor of eHow Tech. And you know I've talked frequently about the fact that most people just use their smart phone as a camera these days. And they leave their old SLR or their compact digital camera in the closet. But if you know somebody who actually still uses one of these guys, I've got a great inexpensive gift for you to think about. It's actually called a Lightscoop and there's two versions. There's the Lightscoop deluxe and the Lightscoop junior. The junior is designed for those smaller compact digital cameras. This one costs $18.95. And the Lightscoop deluxe for SLRs cost $36.95. What it does is it bounces the light off the flash that's built into your camera up onto the ceiling. It disperses the light and actually turns this built-in flash which is terrible as a general rule, into a pretty good flash that can give you dramatically better photos. It actually comes apart into three pieces. So I take this. I insert it into the flash shoe. Then this little arm goes on the front. And finally I take the reflector and I insert it right there. And now when you take pictures instead of the flash firing forward and overexposing someone in front. And underexposing the stuff in back. It flashes up to the ceiling. Disperses the light in a really even and soft way. You get dramatically better pictures. Lets take a shot with it. So I've already configured the camera according to the instructions that come with the Lightscoop. And that's all there is to it. You'll get much better pictures. And there's probably no inexpensive thing that you can get the photographer in your family that will have a more dramatic effect on improving their photos. Especially their indoor flash photos.

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