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Killing sod is something you can do in a few different ways, including through a chemical method. Kill sod with help from a nursery owner in this free video clip.

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Hi, this is Loren Bauman from Jared's Nursery Gift and Garden in Littleton, Colorado, and today I'd like to talk to you a little bit about how to kill sod. Now there may be some different reasons why you would want to kill it, you're going to be doing a vegetable garden, you're going to be doing a perennial garden, maybe a kids' play area and there's a few different methods you can do. There's always your organic methods which I will actually show you one way to do that. You also can do things like your chemical method or your herbicides like your Roundups. There's a couple other ways that you can do it as well that I will briefly mention a little bit later on. So what I have in front of me today on the right over here. I've got a sample of grass that we are actually going to be using an herbicide method. I'm going to be using Roundup which is a contact killer. It will kill everything it touches. It takes about three to five days to really kill it all the way down through the roots. I also have on the left over here an organic method that you can do simply using a black plastic bag. Let me show you on how to spray the Roundup and then I'll just show you a little bit about the black plastic. So what I've got here is a good product you can get at any garden center. It's called Roundup. Roundup is a contact killer and it's only going to kill what it touches. So I like to use the foam that this one has so then I see where I have actually sprayed the Roundup and it's real simple. You are just going to spray and get as much of the grass as you can and you will actually spray the entire thing. Your hand might get a little tired but it works very very well. Now the key is you want it to sit on there for at least one to three hours without any rain so that way it doesn't wash it away. So once I kill this it's going to take about, you'll see something without about 24 hours but it will really be dead in three days because that's how long it takes to get down there. Another great method is the organic method which is using a black plastic and as you can see here what I've done is I've put down some rocks on top of the black plastic and that's to hold it down in case it's windy. You're going to leave it on there for about three to five days and when you take it off after three to five days, this is what the grass looks like. It's going to come back and it's going to be dead and brown. Now the other two ways to get rid of it to kill your sod, one is going to be not watering your grass at all or not watering that area. It's a great way to do it but it will effect a much larger area and then the final way is a little bit more of a manual way and that's where you are just going to take your shovel and dig it out. Depending on what you are wanting to do, the Roundup method works very well. The black plastic does because you can tailor it to the space you are looking for. The watering is too large and a shovel is just more manual labor if you are trying to, and it doesn't necessarily kill all the roots. So again this is Loren Bauman from Jared's Nursery Gift and Garden walking you through how to kill your sod. Thank you for watching.


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