How to Do Multiplication Without a Calculator

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Doing multiplication without a calculator requires you to memorize the multiplication tables. Do multiplication without a calculator with help from a professional private tutor in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Rachel, and today we're going to be going over how to do multiplication without a calculator. There's the multiplications times tables that you just have to memorize. For all number, I would say one through 12, you shouldn't ever need a calculator, you should just be able to memorize them. Six time four, right? 24. That's all mental math. But say you get something like 63 times 40, right? Then you might actually have to regroup if you want to do this without a calculator. You can say that's like 60 times 40, plus three times 40. That's a little bit easier to do than 63 time 40, we don't have to multiply everything out, we can almost do that in our head, right? We can say, well six times four we know it's 24, and we add the zero, right? And then, we can say we know three times 40, right? We have to add both zeroes, we know three times 40 is going to be 120, right? We can do that almost in our head, and then we can just add them together, and that will make it more simple than actually multiplying it all out with, since we don't have a calculator. I'm Rachel, and thanks for leaning with us today.


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