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Doing perimeters is something you will do a great deal in subjects like geometry. Get examples of how to do perimeters with help from an expert in computers, with two degrees in both Computer Science and Applied Mathematics from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name's Stefan. Today, I'm gonna be speaking on examples on how to do perimeters. Now, when we look at perimeters, if we spell it out, you get perim, the rim, the area, or the length rather, around the rim of an object. So let's say you have the rectangle with lengths that are four and eight. To find a perimeter, you just add the lengths around the rim. So that's four plus eight plus four plus eight again. And that's 24. And also if you have other shapes, like say you have a square. Now this perimeter's very easy. We know a square is equal on all four sides, it's just gonna be two times four to get its perimeter. So the perimeter in this case is equivalent to eight.


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