Second Grade Math Activities for Ordering Numbers

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Second grade math activities for ordering numbers can involve giving each student a card that holds a number on it. Find out about second grade math activities for ordering numbers with help from an experienced mathematics educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Marija, and today I'm gonna give you a second grade math activity for ordering numbers. So a great activity would be to give each student in the class a card that holds one number on it. So let's say one student has a card that says 3, another student has a 5, a 7, and you do numbers lets say from 1-20. If you're students happen to have learned decimals already then you could also put decimals here. So you should have 20-30 cards depending on how many students are in your class and what you could do is ask the students to order themselves silently in a shape around the room so I usually do this in an L-shape so along the back wall and the side wall and you ask the student with the lowest card to start in a designated area and a student with the highest card to end up all the way on the other end and you give the students about 3 minutes depending on how time you think they might need and have them figure out where they belong within this spectrum so lets say the lowest card out there is a 1 and the highest one is a 20, everybody else in between has to figure out where they belong. So that at the end of it the teacher can go around and just say the numbers aloud and check off whether or not as a class they've successfully gotten themselves in order. Then you can always lower the time the second time around and as the students get older and learn fractions and negative numbers and decimals you can also throw those in there and order those as well.


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