How to Divide in Grade 4

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Dividing in grade four is something you will do by allowing your students to use long division. Divide in fourth grade with help from an experienced mathematics educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Marija, and today I'm gonna show you how to divide in grade four. So we have a problem like 105 divided by three, we're gonna go ahead and set it up the long division way. So the second number is gonna go outside of the house, and the 105 is gonna go inside. So to do long division, we're gonna see how many times the number on the outside can go into the number on the inside. So first we're gonna ask ourselves, can three go into one? And it can't. So then we go on to the next number. Can three go into 10? It can, three goes into 10 three times. So we put that three on top of the last digit that we used, which was the zero, so it has to go right on top of the zero. Once we have the three up here, we multiply three times three and get nine. Now we subtract 10 minus nine and get one. And we ask ourselves, can three go into one, it can't, so we bring down the next number, which is a five, and we do three into 15 which goes five times. Five time three is 15, and because we're left with nothing down here, that means that there is no remainder and that 35 is the quotient of 105 divided by three.


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