Math Ideas for Pre K - 2nd Grade

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Math is only as difficult as you make it. Get math ideas for pre kindergarten and second graders with help from an experienced mathematics educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Marija, and I'm going to give you some math ideas from Pre K to second grade. In Pre K to second grade, most of the math that's being done is counting. That's all the kids are doing so far. So one great activity that you can have kids do for homework is to count things on their way home in the car. So what I would do is if you're starting with single digits or in the younger years, I would start by asking the children to make a tally of things like the number of dogs that they might see. Or the number of let's say green cars that they might see. And just have them have a paper that you've already made for them and have them tally mark how many dogs they see. So maybe they'll come with three the next day for the dogs and five for the green cars. Once they're a little bit better at counting or they reach the first or second grade, what you might want to do is start having them tally to five so they're counting by fives. So now if you ask them to count something like the number of cars, something they're going to see more of, they should have more tally marks. So let's say they have 12. Now they're practicing not only the one to one correspondence of counting, but also multiplying their five facts because they're counting this as five, ten, 11, 12. So they're also practicing multiplying by five. They're seeing that as well as adding the other two in there.


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