Binary Number System Activities for Middle School Math

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Binary number systems are made up of ones and zeroes. Find out about binary number system activities for middle schoolers with help from an experienced mathematics educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Marija. And I'm going to show you a binary number system activity for middle school math. So, one thing that you might want to do in middle school is just show them how to translate a number that's written in binary codes, such as 101 into counting numbers. So, binary numbers are written in a base two system. So, what we're going to do is, look at the three different place values that I've given to in my binary code. One is in the on'es digit, zero is in the tens and one is in the hundreds. So, the way that the binary system works, is the one's digit represents two to the zero power. Because this whole system is written in base two. Zero represents two to the first power because it's the tens digit. And the hundred's digits represents two to the second power. So, what we do is, take the number that's in the one's digit, one, and we multiply by what it represents, which is two to the zero power. We add that to the next number in the tens digit, which is represented by two to the first power. So, we're doing zero times two to the first power. And then, lastly we have one times two to the second power. So, we've translated the one, the zero and the one into their meanings and base two. And now, we're just going to simplify. So, two to the zero power is one, and one times one is one. Two to the first power is two and two times zero is just zero. And two to the second power is four and four times one is four. And when we simplify this, we get five. So, the students learn that binary code, one zero one actually stands for the counting number five.


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