Fifth Grade Area Math Activities

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Fifth grade area math activities can involve finding out how much space a shape occupies. Find out about fifth grade area math activities with help from an experienced mathematics educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Marija, and today I'm going to show you a fifth grade area math activity. So one thing that you can do for fifth graders since a lot of them have posters in their room is talk about the area of a wall and try to figure out how many posters can fit on it because area talks about the space that a shape occupies. So you can either give them dimensions of a fake wall or you can go have them actually measure their wall at home. But we'll just say that our wall is six by ten. So now the students would apply the area formula to find out that six times ten is 60 so then the area of the wall is 60 feet squared. And then you would ask them to measure the area of a poster. So the length of the width of the poster and we're going to assume that all the posters that they put up are the same. So let's say that a poster just happens to be one by three. Again they're going to apply the area formula and do one times three and then they find out that the area of this poster is three feet squared and then what you can do is push the problem a little bit further and ask them well how many posters can I cover my wall with. So then they're have to know that I have to divide the area of the entire wall by the area of each poster and when they divide the 60 by three they get 20 so that means that 20 posters would fit to cover this entire wall. So that's one area problem that you can do with your fifth graders.


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