Solutions to Difficulties in Learning Math

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Solutions to difficulties in learning math require you to work with factors like the addition and subtraction of negative and positive integers. Find out about solutions to difficulties in learning math with help from an experienced mathematics educator in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, my name is Marija, and today I'm gonna show you some solutions to difficulties in learning math. Usually if a child has difficulties with math they stem down to the roots, to the basics then to number sense. So if a child struggled with adding and subtracting negative and positive integers when they were smaller, chances are that's still affecting their math success in the higher grades. So what I would suggest is showing them how to do addition and subtraction of negative and positive integers with the number line. So, this is a really good hands-on way for them to physically see what's happening with the negative and positive numbers. So for example, if they had a problem like negative three plus five, I would teach it on the number line where you first go to negative three, and then because it says plus five, we're gonna move to the right five spaces, and we're gonna go one, two, three, four, five, and that lands us at two. So, if somebody is struggling with just simple adding and subtracting of negative integers, this is a great hands-on way to show them, and if they can conquer this, it will really help them with math down the line. If somebody's struggling with multiplication facts, the easiest way to just get that down is really to use flashcards and to keep repeating your facts through writing, through repetition and writing. As far as equations and higher math levels, the best thing to do is teach students in different ways. So, we can do equations through algebra tiles, that's always a great way to teach students that are having difficulties with equations through algebra tiles, or you can teach them the more conventional abstract way of doing equations. So, different modalities of learning, and also remembering that the basics have a huge effect on math later on. So going back to the adding and subtracting and multiplying and dividing facts. So those are some solutions to help in learning math.


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