How to Plot Absolute Value

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Plotting absolute value will require you to determine exactly what type of absolute value you're looking at. Plot absolute value with help from an experienced math professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Ryan Ault. I'm a physicist and this is how to plot absolute values. Now, we can look at three different absolute values. One of them is seven minus four, another is three minus five, and one is negative one. And, what we do is actually, perform the computation, and see what the result is. And, once we find the result, we simply put that on the number line. Now, the one thing you should know is when you look at magnitude of a number, the absolute value, it's never going to be negative in the end. So, everything we end up plotting is going to be to the right, the right of the zero on the number line. So, if you look at seven minus four, we find that it's actually, equaled the absolute value of seven minus four, which is three. So, three spots away from zero, we find that it can be plotted right here. And now, if we take three minus five, this goes to the absolute value of negative two. Now, the absolute value of negative two simply goes to two. And, plotting this on the number line, we find that it ends up, right here. For the last one, it's simply the absolute value of negative one, which goes to the absolute value of one and the magnitude of that is simply, one. I'm Ryan Ault and this is how to plot absolute values.


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