How to Find Two Fractions With a Sum Greater Than 3/4

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Finding two fractions with a sum greater than 3/4 will require you to look at the problem as one fraction. Find two fractions with a sum greater than 3/4 with help from an experienced math professional in this free video clip.

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Video Transcript

Hi. I'm Ryan Ault. I'm a physicist and this is how to find two fractions with a sum greater than 3/4. You can start this problem by looking at one fraction. You can call it f1for fraction one and you can say it's equal to 3/4. And now we know that if we take anything else greater than zero and add it to f1 the fraction is going to be greater than 3/4s. So as an example let's say fraction 2 is equal to just for arguments sake, let's say it's equal to 1/8th. So now we simply have to add these two fractions and we find that f1 plus f2 is equal to 3 over 4 plus 1 over 8 and in order to add these properly we have to match the denominators. So we can multiply the f1 term by 2 over 2 and we find that f1 plus f2 is simply equal to 6 over 8 plus 1 over 8. And now that the denominators match we can add the numerators to find that f1 plus f2 equals 7 over 8. And going back to our original proof that I postulated that it would be greater than 3 over 4. So we can reduce this by multiplying the numerator and denominator by 1/2. And we find that it's equal to 3.5 over 4. So I'm Ryan Ault. This is how to find two fractions that the sum is something greater than 3/4s.


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